Glasgow Distillery Announce Exclusive Cask Ownership Offer

Glasgow Distillery Announce Exclusive Cask Ownership Offer 

Glasgow Distillery Casks

The Glasgow Distillery Company has announced that a selection of casks from the distillery’s cask portfolio will be released for private purchase.  

The announcement comes as the distillery confirms that they will no longer be accepting new members into their prestigious Cask Club programme; a scheme that previously allowed members of the public to purchase a cask of newly laid down spirit. 

Forty casks have been carefully hand-selected by the founders from the distillery’s maturing stocks, providing whisky enthusiasts one final opportunity to secure a piece of Glasgow Distillery history. 

Among the forty casks made available is a selection of unpeated, triple distilled and peated casks from across the years, making each cask truly unique.

The distillery has quickly gained a reputation for producing whisky of outstanding quality; their Glasgow 1770 Single Malt Scotch Whisky has picked up an assortment of gold medal awards across multiple international spirit competitions, including the accolade of ‘Best Lowland Whisky’ at The International Whisky Competition for two consecutive years.

More recently, the distillery has announced a £5.5 million asset based agreement with Barclay’s to support the distillery’s international growth and expansion plans, which comes on the back of returning a profit for the last financial year.

Liam Hughes, CEO and Co-founder of The Glasgow Distillery Company stated:

“We would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the last few years, whether that’s by simply keeping up to date with our recent news, purchasing a bottle from our ever-growing range of spirit brands or putting your name to your very own cask.

“During the early stages of a distillery’s life cycle, programmes such as our ‘Cask Club’ are particularly important to the growth of the business and as we now move into a new and exciting phase in the history of Glasgow Distillery we felt it was only right to give people who have supported us one last chance to obtain a cask from our maturing portfolio. 

“We are delighted with the response from existing Cask Club members who enjoyed an exclusive preview opportunity before we made today’s announcement and we anticipate further interest from many of our single malt supporters.

“After these casks have been sold there will be no more for sale to private individuals.  This opportunity will not come around again.”

Each cask is available on a first-come-first-served basis and is able to be reserved via the Distillery’s website:

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