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Royal Lochnagar launches limited edition distillery exclusive bottling for 2019

Royal Lochnagar launches limited edition distillery exclusive bottling for 2019

RLG Distillery Exclusive 2019

Royal Lochnagar distillery has released a limited-edition Single Malt Scotch whisky, exclusively available to purchase at the Highland distillery from the end of 2019. A distinctive release that demonstrates a true Royal Lochnagar character, alongside gentle maturation in European oak and refill casks. With just 5004 bottles available, Royal Lochnagar 2019 Distillery Exclusive will retail at RSP £85 per 70cl and bottled at 48% ABV.

Neil Murphy, the Senior Site Manager at Royal Lochnagar, said: “This special liquid perfectly captures the spirit of Royal Lochnagar distillery character, with a wide range of outstanding flavours and aromas which are inspired by the experience of being out in the open landscape of our home in the Cairngorm mountains. This rare and exclusive Single Malt has been selected by our expert team and represents a rare memento of whisky history for visitors to take and enjoy.”

Famous for its historic royal warrants and its outstanding flavour, Royal Lochnagar whisky owes both to an incredible location. This small craft distillery sits one mile from the Royal Family’s Balmoral Castle, at the foot of the Cairngorm mountains. Royal Lochnagar combines the crystal-clear water of the Scarnock Springs and malted barley to create a golden and delicious Highland Single Malt Scotch. With a production capacity of just 450,000 litres, Royal Lochnagar Single Malts are a rare treat for the whisky connoisseur and the 2019 Distillery Exclusive is the perfect piece of distillery history.

The nose opens notes of spice, citrus and wood, alongside hints of burnt sugars and a gentle nuttiness. Over time, the flavours open up, revealing a presence of vanilla, green apple, orange zest and aromatic spice. On the palate, there is an immediate sweetness, alongside warming wood spice and notes of green apple. Vanilla and toffee characters emerge after a few moments, giving a medium finish that is both warming and lingering. With water, those green apple and orchard fruits become more pronounced, alongside notes of burnt cocoa and candy floss.

This Highland Scotch has been prized by monarchs south of the border since Queen Victoria and Prince Albert took the first ever distillery tour in 1848. HRH Prince Charles donated a cask first presented to him by Royal Lochnagar in 1988 to be bottled and sold in aid of The Prince’s Foundation in 2018.

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