Bruichladdich release Octomore 10 series

Octomore 10 lineup

Octomore single malt whisky has defied received wisdom since it was first distilled in 2002. Adopted by the quietly confident, the Octomore name is becoming a ‘cult classic’.

Now reaching its tenth series, Octomore explores the realms of ‘softer smoke’. Dismissing the numbers, the makers ask even the most knowledgeable to forget everything they think they know and experience the liquid for themselves. An openness for the unexpected is encouraged in its creation, so too in its reception.

Complex, layered, and endlessly alluring, this series will destabilise even the most devout aficionado.Instinct over obsession. This is Octomore.

Octomore defies logic. Rewards the unreasonable. It takes courage and belief. But, for the seeker of truth there is light.

The Octomore 10s series is available to pre-order from specialist retailers now, with bottles shipped and on-shelf from the 1st of October. Octomore 10.4 will arrive in January 2020.10.1 – Distilled from Scottish barley in 2013, Octomore

10.1  – The benchmark of the 10s series. Deliberately stripped back to an ex-American oak maturation, aged just 5 years old and bottled at 59.8%abv, the .1 edition exposes the structure and presence of the Octomore spirit. Combining smoke with a modest maturation, this 10.1 first and foremost demonstrates the true potential of a considered, patient distillation. As with all Bruichladdich Distillery spirits, it has been matured and bottled only on Islay.

10.2 – Building on the structural brilliance of our Octomore spirit, this 10.2 edition has been matured for equal terms in first fill ex-American oak casks, and third fill French oak casks. This French oak has previously held the finest Sauternes sweet wine. The tempered oak influence of the third-fill casks has mellowed into a delicate balance between the tropical fruit notes of the Sauternes and the floral, fruity Octomore spirit. Bottled at eight years old, and at 56.9%, the 10.2 is available exclusively through Global Travel Retail.

10.3 – Distilled in 2013 from the 2012 harvest, the Octomore 10.3 has been brought home by Islay farmer James Brown. Taking on the challenge of growing barley locally, James braces the conditions of the wet and wild west coast to explore a unique expression of Islay terroir. For the first time, the .3 is matured for six aged years but crucially only in ex-American oak. These top-quality quercus alba casks have gently coaxed this Octomore spirit into life in Warehouse 16, next to our 10.1 edition. This unique single field, single vintage, single malt is bottled at 61.3% abv.

10.4 – Octomore has challenged convention since its conception. While many preconceived ideas have been overturned, perhaps the most provocative stigma to be shattered is that which surrounds age. Does older necessarily mean better? Distilled in 2016 from the 2015 harvest, this Octomore at three years old is the youngest ever released but perhaps the most impressive. Standing alone in any heavyweight line-up, the depth, balance and composure of its component parts are astounding. Twenty-eight casks cut from Limousin oak have been subjected to a high toast before making their way to Warehouse 12 for filling. These Virgin oak casks often have a high tannin impact which can be bitter and overpowering, but a high toast has lessened that impact, giving way to a dry fruit character that is impeccably well-rounded. Octomore 10.4 will be made available in January 2020, and will be bottled at 63.5% abv

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