Slane Irish Whiskey in-store across UK for St Partrick’s Day



Slane Irish Whiskey is taking its signature Triple Casked blend across the Irish Sea to share its unique St Patrick’s Day story and spirit, with its first supermarket listings in the UK. In time for Ireland’s national holiday 306 Waitrose stores and 300 Asda stores as well as Ocado will now stock Slane Irish Whiskey which is triple distilled for smoothness and triple casked for rich character. It is this smooth character which makes it the perfect match for coffee, that’s why Asda are offering a Cold Brew pack with a coffee experts Sandows Cold Brew can and a Slane Cold Brew glass, helping whiskey and coffee lovers celebrate the Irish national holiday in style.

Born in the legendary Boyne Valley in the historic grounds of Slane Castle, Slane is Irish Whiskey amplified, steeped in tradition and intrinsically linked to St Patrick’s Day. Overlooking the distillery is the sacred site of the Hill of Slane. Here, in 433 AD, Ireland’s iconic patron saint scaled the hill and lit a fire in direct defiance of the High King at nearby Tara.

That small act of starting a fire was a major turning point in Patrick’s life and in the history of all Ireland. Patrick lit the Easter fire contrary to the Druidic law, changing the spiritual landscape of Ireland forever, and uniquely linking Ireland’s patron to Slane.

Co-founder of the Slane Distillery, Alex Conyngham said:

“To this day, the Conyngham family of Slane Castle boldy raise a glass of pure Irish Whiskey remembering the defiant spirit of St Patrick on his national day. That’s why we are delighted to have our Irish Slane Irish Whiskey available to purchase in both Waitrose and Asda, as well as listed in Ocado to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a promotion offering the whiskey for a reduced price of £25 in Asda.

There is no doubt that Patrick’s spirit lives on through the whiskey making at the distillery, through the progressive values of the Conyngham family of Slane who returned exceptional whiskey-making to Ireland’s mythical Boyne Valley. We are delighted to be sharing our bold defiant spirit and story across the UK this March.”

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