Dream Whiskies launch Patreon membership

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Dream Whiskies was launched back in July of 2017 by former world mixology champion Paul Martin. Paul was killing time eyeing a £30,000 bottle of Glenfiddich 50 year-old on display at World of Whisky in Gatwick Airport’s south terminal. As he wandered out of the store, his attention was caught by the Supercar competition guys.The one that gives you the chance of entering a competition to win a Ferrari (or other megabucks motor). It was in that moment that Paul had his epiphany.

It occurred to him, that in the same way their are millions of people that love cars but will never be able to afford a Supercar, their are likewise millions of whisky lovers that will never be able to afford a £30,000 bottle of whisky… and so the idea to form Dream Whiskies, a competition website dedicated to giving away great whisky, was born.

‘Of course’, says Paul, ‘we aren’t giving away crazy value whiskies just yet’. ‘But we are giving away really decent premium whiskies with an average prize value of around £400-£500’!

The model for Dream Whiskies is simple. Whisky lovers are given the opportunity to enter FREE monthly competitions where the prize is a premium, rare or discontinued collectable whisky of the aforementioned value. Prizes have included a bottle of Glenlivet Tollafraik Limited Edition, Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist 1990 and Glenturret Cameron’s Cut 29 year-old Limited Edition.  The competitions require entrants to complete a choice of social media actions in return for entries of differing numbers. For example, share a pre-written tweet on Twitter for 1 entry or visit a particular page link for 5 entries.

Since launch in 2017, Dream Whiskies have given away over £8000 worth of whiskies to players in the UK, the USA and across the world. So, with all these wonderful opportunities costing the players nothing, how does Dream Whiskies make money? Turns out that to date, they haven’t made any money. Paul explained, ‘So far, we have only put money in to help build the Dream Whiskies audience. The key is to make sure that we have a strong base of players before we start looking at how to monetise Dream Whiskies’. However, for those that already play the Dream Whiskies competition, do not fear. Paul is committed to keeping the their competitions free-to-enter, for everyone always.

So, how is Dream Whiskies likely to be monetised? One method is currently being launched. Paul has recently made available an option to become Dream Whiskies patron.

A form of optional membership, becoming a Dream Whiskies Patron allows players to gain access to exclusive content, chat, videos, online courses, offers and more, in return for supporting their beloved Dream Whiskies for as little as $1 (£0.75)/month. ‘By making this an entirely optional benefit we are looking to offer our Patrons a great return for their support, without coercing anyone in to having to pay to enter our competitions’, says Paul.

And it seems that Paul is true to his word. With this month’s competition prize being a beautiful pair of Highland Park single malts. ‘Yes, this month we are giving away 2 bottles. It’s the Highland Park THE LIGHT & THE DARK’, says Paul. ‘They seemed the most appropriate pairing with the Winter solstice approaching’.

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So, if you are yet to discover this hidden gem for whisky lovers, check out the latest Dream Whiskies giveaway here: You may end up winning the Highland Park duo!

One last thing… Paul’s own Dream Whisky of choice? ‘Without over thinking it…. I’d have to say the old Macallan 10 Sherry Cask. Just love that whisky’.

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