Mortlach launches travel retail exclusive single malt

New  collection  from  Mortlach  showcases  the  best  kept  secret  in  Scotch

MORTLACH 14YR Bottle[1]
Diageo  Global  Travel  unveiled  “Alexander’s  Way”,  a  14 year old  Mortlach   Single  Malt,  exclusive  to  travel  retail.  It  forms  part  of  a new  four  bottle  collection  including,  12 year old   “Wee  Witchie”,  16 year old  “Distiller’s  Dram”  and  20 year old  “Cowie’s  Blue  Seal”.

Unveiled  at  an  event  in  Taiwan,  the  collection  is  set  to  bring  the  dark  side  of  Speyside  to  life  delighting   flavour-­seeking  travellers with  the  best  kept  secret  in  Scotch.  In  a  region  known  for  its  smoother,  gentler   style  of  whisky,  Mortlach’s  exceptional  flavour bridges  the  gap  between  mellow  and  smoky.

Mortlach  is  renowned  for  its  unique  and  complex  distillation  process  known  as  “The  Way”.  The  intricate   approach  to  distillation has remained  unchanged  since  1896  when  it  was  first  used  by  Dr.  Alexander  Cowie.   The  single  malt’s  2.81  distillation  process,  is  a closely  guarded  secret,  handed  down  through  generations   of  Mortlach  distillers.  It  is  this  process  that  shapes  Mortlach’s  dark, complex  and  rich  character,  earning  it   the  nickname,  “The  Beast  of  Dufftown”.

Anna  MacDonald,  Marketing  and  Innovation  Director,  Diageo  Global  Travel,  said:  “We’re  delighted  to   introduce  Mortlach’s  new single  malt  whisky  collection  into  our  Scotch  portfolio.  Passenger  numbers   continue  to  grow  worldwide.  In  Taiwan  alone  an estimated  38  million  new  passengers  are  travelling  each   year.  In  addition  malts  are  forecast  to  grow  at  a  faster  rate  than  blends globally,  with  Asia  highlighted  as   the  region  likely  to  see  the  fastest  growth  in  the  next  two  years,  making  this  the  perfect location  to   launch.

“The  whole  collection  has  been  created  to  appeal  to  explorers,  explorers  in  flavour  and,  explorers  in   experiences.  This  is  why  we are  particularly  excited  to  have  a  Travel  Retail  exclusive  as  part  of  the   collection.  ‘Alexander’s  Way’  is  the  spiciest  Mortlach expression  to  date  -­‐  created  to  provide  travellers   with  a  something  they  can’t  buy  anywhere  else.”

Each  member  of  the  new  Mortlach  collection  reflects  the  Speyside  distillery’s  bold  flavour  in  their  own   exceptional  way.  Dr  Craig Wilson,  Mortlach  Master  Blender,  said:  “These  whiskies  really  stand  out  in   Speyside.  For  me  it’s  the  way  the  unique  2.81  process gives  you  such  an  intensely  complex  liquid  and   character  from  the  minute  it  comes  off  the  still;  it’s  like  having  three  distilleries  at the  one  still  house.   Our  job  is  to  hone  the  character  in  the  right  way  to  create  four  well  balanced  whiskies  of  unparalleled richness  and  complexity.”

Mortlach  12 year old,  14 year old,  16 year old  and  20 year old  will  first  launch  in  Taiwan  Travel  Retail  in   November,  followed  by other  markets.  All  available  in  70cl  or  75cl,  depending  on  location,  RSSP’s  are  12 year old,  £31GBP/NT  1250;  14  year  old,  £50GBP/NT 1600;  16 year old,  £70GBP/NT  2300;  20 year old   £150GBP/NT  5600.

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