Mind Bending Handmade Glassware from Stuck in Glass

A whisky glass with a difference!

While most of my tasting is performed with fairly standard glassware, occasionally I like to sit back, relax and drink whisky just for the sheer pleasure of it.

No analysis, no tasting notes, nothing.

On the last occasion I had the joy of sipping from a creation.

Combining my passions of whisky and fishing I had a glass with a real fly fishing hook embedded in it!

DeadDrifter side

The Dead Drifter, one of the many creations from

DeadDrifter Laga 8

Aside from the novelty of the personalised objects Stuck into this glassware, I found this to be a really nice sized and weighted tumbler.

Designed for a 10oz or 30ml pour, these is just the right size for a dram, and big enough to accommodate a splash of water, mixer or even a cube of ice or two (occasionally I have been known to sip a dram of something peaty over ice, especially in the summer!)

The glass is thick-walled which gives it a good solid or opulent feel for dramming whisky from.

If you are looking for personalised and quality glassware then I can highly recommend these unique glasses.


What they say

After years of trial and error, hundreds of broken glasses and a stiff drink or twenty, we created a mind-bending line of handblown glassware that captures a piece of your character in every glass.

Whether you’re a shark at the poker table, an ace on the golf course or just a well-heeled wino, our handcrafted creations infuse a little bit of your personality into the very vessel you’re sipping from. Don’t ask how we did it. Just ask for another round!


The Dead Drifter $19.99

It’s said that confidence is the secret to fly fishing. If yours could use a little boost, loosen up with our Dead Drifter Whiskey Glass, handcrafted with a fly lure inside it. Take a sip, cast your line and show those bass who’s boss.

The Dead Drifter Whiskey Glass is made with a Real Fly Fishing Hook. It accommodates a 10 OZ pour and stands 3.5” tall and 2.75” in diameter. Stuck In Glass™ products are handmade, no two are alike! Glasses are not dishwasher safe.

Check out and receive 15% discount off your order if you quote code: WhiskyPhiles at checkout.

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