Diageo Reserve and Oblix announce the launch of the Johnnie Walker Grand Voyage at Oblix East

Diageo Reserve’s luxury Scotch whisky, Johnnie Walker is set to immerse guests in an experience which reflects the brand’s own journey; originating in the four corners of Scotland, and now enjoyed across the globe.

Diageo Reserve Grand Voyage

The Johnnie Walker Grand Voyage is a unique activation housed exclusively at Oblix East and launches on the 26th September. It will invite guests to taste premium whiskies and luxury cocktails infused with global flavours. The eight different Johnnie Walker blends will be matched with small plates that reflect the flavours highlighted throughout the journey.

A bespoke whisky vessel, designed to embody a shipping crate, reflecting the voyaging theme, will house eight tanks, each filled with a premium selection of Johnnie Walker blends for guests to choose from. Each tank is encased in wood that is infused with distinctive flavour profiles from around the world, such as Apple, Cinnamon, Bergamot & Chamomile from Europe; Fig & Ras El Hanout from The Middle East; or Tobacco, Popcorn & Walnut from the USA.

Infused via a reverse barrel process, the wood has been aged for over four weeks prior to the launch. The vessel will permanently sit atop the bar at Oblix East and boasts designs inspired by the whisky shipping crates found in the Johnnie Walker archive. Guests will also receive an accompanying passport-style menu, highlighting the various regions and serves, giving guests the chance to stamp their visits to each part of the world.

Exclusive Johnnie Walker Oblix Cocktails include:

  1. Scotland – ‘The Kilmarnok’ made with Johnnie Walker Double Black, crafted as a ‘Rob Roy’ with thistle weed and moss sweet vermouth and bitters.
  2. Europe – ‘The Storm-chaser’ made with Johnnie Walker Black Label, crafted as a Viex Carre with gun metal tea sweat vermouth peychauds bitters.
  3. Middle East – ‘The Tiberian Bounty’ made with Johnnie Walker Black Label, crafted as a Sazerac with alkermez and a ras an hanut absinth rinse
  4. Asia – ‘The Sea Dog’ made with Johnnie Walker Blue Label, crafted as a Morning Glorry with lemon, pasteurised egg white, absinth and soda water
  5. Australasia – ‘Terra Nova’ made with Jonnie Walker Green Label, crafted as a whiskey punch with yuzu and mango and grapefruit soda
  6. Madagascar – ‘Golden Utopia’ made with Johnnie Walker Gold Label, crafted as a highball over carved ice and ginger ale
  7. South America – ‘The Diplomat’ made with Johnnie Walker Black Label, crafted over carved ice with cacao, absinth rinse and whipped creme
  8. North America – ‘The Polaris’ made with Johnnie Walker 18, crafted as an Old Fashioned with salted maple over carved ice

Three different Johnnie Walker Grand Voyage at Oblix East experiences can be booked in up to parties of ten, hosted by a senior bartender. 24 hours’ notice is required for booking.  Enquiries can be made to

Prices are:

  • Entry Experience: £35 inclusive of 1 bar bites and 1 Johnnie Walker cocktail or single serve per person, hosted by a senior bartender
  • Premium Experience: £60 and inclusive of 2 bar bites and 2 Johnnie Walker cocktails or single serves per person, hosted by a senior bartender
  • Lux Experience £100 and inclusive of a tasting of 4 Johnnie Walker cocktails or single serves and 3 bar bites per person, hosted by a senior bartender

#JWgrandvoyage |@oblixrestaurant | @johnniewalkereu

Address: Oblix East, Level 32, The Shard, 31 St. Thomas Street, London SE1 9RY

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