The Lakes Distillery releases Steel Bonnets, the first English and Scotch blended malt whisky.

Steel Bonnets is the first cross-border blend of exceptional English and Scotch malt whiskies.

The Lakes Distillery and Head Whiskymaker Dhavall Ghandi have created Steel Bonnets blended malt whisky to honour the memory of those people who lived in the Border Marches of England and Scotland during the 13th – 17th centuries.


Created with the highest quality malt whiskies from both sides of the border, ‘Steel Bonnets’ is a combination of The Lakes Single Malt from England and some of the most respected malts from north of the Border.

The name ‘Steel Bonnets’ was taken from the Border Reivers’ nickname, so called because of the distinctive helmets they wore. The whisky was designed to recognise and honour the culture and people of our region, paying homage to the memory of the English and Scottish people who lived in the Border Marches during the 13th-17th centuries. Allegiance at the time was to kin, not kingdom.  Loyalty was to clan – to family. These loyalties had no border or king, but united them under their clan names. These clans – surnames such as Robson, Nixon, Scott, Armstrong, amongst others – are now spread all over the world and we want to raise a dram to family and friends through Steel Bonnets.

Steel Bonnets is available to buy from Master of Malt 

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