Highland Park release 18 Year Old Viking Pride Travel Edition.

Introducing 18 Year Old Viking Pride Travel Edition

Highland Park 18yo Viking Pride Travel Edition

This month, Highland Park are delighted to announce the release of the fourth expression in their Duty Free collection — the very special 18 YEAR OLD VIKING PRIDE TRAVEL EDITION. This is our award-winning 18 Year Old single malt whisky, bottled exclusively for Duty Free at its 46% ABV marrying strength to intensify colour and flavour. Naturally rich, burnished gold in colour, the whisky has been matured exclusively in sherry seasoned European oak casks to deliver rich notes of cherry conserve, sweet dark chocolate and floral heather honey, wrapped up in our signature aromatic peat smoke.

Joining SPIRIT OF THE BEAR, 14 YEAR OLD LOYALTY OF THE WOLF and 16 YEAR OLD WINGS OF THE EAGLE. We hope you’re looking out for these exciting new releases at airports and on ferries if you’re travelling overseas this holiday season. The new collection showcases different aspects of Highland Park’s distinctive flavour profile and natural, cask-driven colour.


The marrying process gives our whisky valuable time to harmonise in the cask before being bottled. A deliberately slow and unhurried stage, long since abandoned by many distilleries, cask harmonisation remains one of our five keystones of production. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s a time-honoured tradition that we proudly uphold to achieve the intense balance that is our hallmark.

By bottling this 18 Year Old at its marrying strength, the whisky’s delicious hints of heather honey, chocolate and cherries are intensified. It’s rich and sweet, overlaid with subtle top notes of aromatic peat smoke. We take great pride in our whisky and in working to the exacting standards laid down by our founder, Magnus Eunson, in 1798. A direct descendent of the Vikings who settled on Orkney over 1,000 years ago, he shared their fierce independence and commitment to skilled craftsmanship.

In VIKING PRIDE TRAVEL EDITION we celebrate our own commitment to craft and to doing things our own way, just like our Viking forefathers.

“Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.”

Viking proverb

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