Distell launches new limited release malt collection for 2018

Distell is proud to celebrate the launch of six limited release whiskies across its single malt portfolio this September, at its first annual showcase event ‘The Malt Gallery’ by Distell.

This year’s releases include two unique expressions each from Bunnahabhain and Ledaig and one each from Deanston and Tobermory.

The new releases will be unveiled together for the first time at the company’s inaugural malt whisky showcase in London, on Wednesday 12 September. TT Liquor in Shoreditch will transform into a magical distillation of the whiskies’ Scottish homelands for the event, where guests will live and breathe the stories of these captivating brands.

Attendees will be invited on a journey of discovery through an exhibition of sound, aroma and taste. Starting in the southern highlands with Deanston before soaring west to the islands of Islay and Mull for Bunnahabhain, Tobermory and Ledaig. Lead Blender Dr Kirstie McCallum and Bunnahabhain Distillery Manager, Andrew Brown, will guide guests through a nosing and tasting of each release for the very first time.

The latest whiskies to join the portfolio encapsulate Distell’s dedicated approach to high-quality whisky making, which appeals to all consumers, and covers a spectrum of taste profiles:

  • Tobermory 2005 (12 YO) Fino Cask Finish, RRP £110
  • Ledaig 1998 (19 YO) Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish, RRP £130
  • Ledaig 1998 (19 YO) PX Cask Finish, RRP £150
  • Deanston 2008 Brandy Cask Finish, RRP £60
  • Bunnahabhain 2008 Mòine Bordeaux Red Wine Cask Matured, RRP £75
  • Bunnahabhain Palo Cortado Cask Finish, RRP £275

Commenting on the new expressions, Derek Scott, Brand Director for Malt Whisky at Distell, said:

This has been a revolutionary year for our malt portfolio. We’re lucky to have three very different distilleries and this showcase will allow us to share the stories of each and highlight how these are reflected in the bold new releases.

Kirstie, our lead blender, has been working with each distillery to create these unique whiskies. Using the flavour profile each brand is known for as the guide to select the finishing casks, we’ve been able to create six limited release whiskies that are not just of interest for their points of difference but are also fantastic drams that remain true to the whisky’s style.

A truly unique event within the industry and a fantastic exhibition of our brand stories, whiskies and the characters behind the making of them, we are confident this will become a much loved event in the whisky calendar.

Bunnahabhain 2008 Moine Bordeaux_Limited Release

Bunnahabhain 2008 Mòine Bordeaux Red Wine Cask Matured (58.1% ABV)

Although the original non-peated Islay malt, Bunnahabhain has become well known for its Mòine, which means ‘peated’ in Scots Gaelic. For the first time we have taken the opportunity to fully mature our beloved Mòine in red wine casks from the Bordeaux region of France. Distilled and filled into cask in December 2008, this ‘experiment’ has given us a unique and stunning array of rich grape and peppery smoke notes, which combine to deliver a long and warming fruity finish. A truly unique Bunnahabhain Mòine.

  • Colour: Deep red gold
  • Nose: Rich fruit and grape, hints of nut and rich oak, toffee and espresso balanced with pepper and smoke
  • Palate: Almost layered with rich grape and red wine influence, hints of toffee, chocolate and tobacco, developing into a warming peppery smoke
  • Finish: Long and lingering combination of fruit and smoke
  • Available from Master of Malt

Deanston 2008 Brandy Cask Finish_Limited Release

Deanston 2008 Brandy Cask Finish (56.4% ABV)

Crafted by hand, this latest Deanston Limited Edition was distilled and filled into traditional oak whisky casks in 2008. Following almost eight years of maturation it made the cut for transfer to a unique selection of French Brandy Butt casks, before being returned to our vaulted warehouse for its final two years of maturation. The result is a delicious dram brimming with an abundance of delectable spiced fruit and honey flavours.

  • Colour: Deep amber
  • Nose: Hints of dried fruit with predominant grape notes, balanced with sweet vanilla, creamy toffee and subtle exotic spices
  • Palate: Rich oak with a distinctive dried fruit and brandy influence, creamy toffee, deep honeyed vanilla and sweet malt
  • Finish: A long finish with lingering dried fruit flavours and subtle spice

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