Month: July 2018

FEW Rye (46.5%, OB, 2018)


FEW Rye review: A rather well-balanced and drinkable Rye (dare I call it Whiskey?), not too spicy with plenty of fruity elements this is good enough to drink neat or has mileage for mixing into cocktails and longer drinks if required. Definitely improving! 84/100

Arran 6 Years Old Rum Octave Finish – The Octave Project (57.3%, A.D. Rattray, 2018)


Arran 6 Years Old Oloroso Rum Octave Finish – The Octave Project whisky review: Finally a little bit of body in this one, it borders on becoming undone by the spirity & spicy nature which come across as youthful exuberance. I have come unstuck upon several rum-cask finishes of late but this one has renewed my interest in them. A very pleasant way to finish off our Octave Project sampling.