Scottish dads revealed to be least funny in the UK

Survey reveals Dad jokes, fashion sense and dancing as the culprits of embarrassment

Highland whisky distillery Tomatin has unveiled the most embarrassing father traits after surveying the nation ahead of Father’s Day this weekend (Sunday 17th June).

Results revealed a mere 19% of Scots thought their dads were the funniest members of their family, compared to 20.3% in the rest of the UK.

In celebration of dads across the UK and their groan-tastic gags, Tomatin surveyed the public and found 23.5% Scots found their dad’s jokes were the most embarrassing trait, compared to 14% of the rest of the UK.

Jennifer Masson, Marketing Manager of Tomatin, said, “Most dads are notorious for their fashion sense, dancing and jokes – much to the embarrassment of their children. So, we thought in celebration of Father’s Day this weekend, we would ask the Scottish public to find out what they think and what better way to raise a glass to all the dads out there!”

In close second, 15% of Scots thought their dad’s dancing was the most embarrassing trait, compared to 11.9% of the UK.

However, Scottish dads can redeem themselves, as 7.6% of the UK said their dad’s fashion sense was the most embarrassing trait, while only 6.5% of Scots said their dad’s style was a major fashion faux-pas.

Comedy veteran Fred MacAulay also delivered the top five dad jokes as voted for by the public in a quirky video.

Fred added, “The Dad joke is notoriously unfunny — steeped in captain-obvious observations and painful puns, so it was a bit of a challenge delivering them with comedy kudos, but it was really good fun.”

Watch the full video here:

Based in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, Tomatin Distillery is famous for its award-winning whisky range including its non-age statement ‘Legacy’ single malt, and its 12, 14, 18 and 36-year-old whiskies. Shop the full range ahead of Father’s Day online at

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