Independent bottler Spirit Still launches at Spirit of Speyside Festival with a range of five eclectic whiskies

Independently minded independent bottlers.

spirit still barrels banner

Independent bottlers Spirit Still launched at the Spirit of Speyside Festival #Dram18 in May with a range of five eclectic bottlings with a little bit of wow factor and plenty of attitude. Taking inspiration from the iconic copper stills, from which the finest cut of spirit is taken and represents the heart of the distillery. The concept is certainly fresh with a modern take on indie bottling with their origami-esque representation of the copper still, playful names for non-so mystery malts and a trail of cryptic clues to lead you to the source of the spirit.

Selecting whiskies that have character and a story to tell.


The key factor that drives their decisions on what to bottle is whether the whisky has character. It’s not about finest, rarest, select etc.

We want to bottle whiskies that get your attention, dilate you pupils, give you a warm fuzzy feeling (not just the alcohol) and hopefully on occasion, send a shiver up your spine. – The Spirit Still

The first five editions, span ages from 9 to 52, includes single malt, single grain, blended malt and tea-spooned malt. Whiskies from Speyside, Highland, Lowland and Islay feature (where is the Campbeltown!). Fill your boots and your senses.


Facebook: @TheSpiritStill

Twitter: @The_SpiritStill

Instagram: thespiritstill


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