Ardbeg spreads ‘Peat & Love’ to launch The Magical Whisky Tour 2018

Ardbeg Day Saturday 2nd June 2018


Ardbeg Peat & Love

This year’s Ardbeg Day celebrations will take Ardbeggians and whisky-lovers alike back in time for a celebration of all things ‘Peat & Love’.

Following the announcement in March of Ardbeg Day 2018’s groovy 1960’s theme and the release of Ardbeg Grooves, the untamed spirit of Islay is revealing a summer of ‘Peat & Love’ gatherings across the UK at whisky hotspots and music festivals: ‘The Magical Whisky Tour 2018’

Inspired by the alternative lifestyle and unorthodox spirit of a previous generation, Ardbeg Grooves has been matured in ex-wine casks which have been intensely charred to form heavy grooves in the surface of the wood. The result is a whisky aromatic with smoked spices, distant bonfires and chilli-seasoned meats.

005 ardbeg grooves bottle & carton_second option

On Saturday, 2nd June 2018, the Islay distillery will be rolling back the years to the Ardbeg Village of the late 1960s, opening its doors to whisky-lovers from around the globe. For those unable to make it to Islay to celebrate during Feis Ile, Islay’s untamed spirit will be hosting a live online tasting from Hard to Find Whisky in Birmingham, inviting peat lovers to join in the festivities. Ardbeg Embassies around the UK will be taking part in the peaty online tasting, including:

  • – Vintage House/ The Soho Whisky Club in London
  • – The Wee Dram in Bakewell, The Peak District
  • – Luvians in Cupar, Scotland
  • – Gordon & MacPhail in Elgin, Scotland
  • – Royal Mile Whiskies, Edinburgh

Ardbeg Day will also mark the launch of The Magical Whisky Tour, with Ardbeg’s own 1960s inspired VW van touring the country and making stops at a number of leading music festivals, bars and Ardbeg Embassies, serving smoky drams to the masses, spreading a taste of Islay’s ‘Peat & Love’ and good vibes along the way. Festival go-ers will have the chance to immerse themselves in the world of Ardbeg through interactive tastings and VR experiences.

The Magical Whisky Tour will comprise the following stops:


  • – Euroica Brittania: 15th – 17th June, Derbyshire
  • – Love Supreme: 29th June – 1st July, Lewes
  • – Blue Dot Festival: 20th – 22nd July, Macclesfield
  • – Kendall Calling: 26th – 29th July, Cumbria

Plus a number of Ardbeg Embassies and bars over June and July (visit: for the full details).

Distillery Manager Mickey Heads said: “The Ardbeg Village of the 1960s was a very different place – a groovy wee community, with its own post office, billiards hall, two choirs and even a football team. These days the Ardbeg community is a worldwide one, and Ardbeg Day is the best way for us all to come together and raise a dram to the ultimate Islay single malt.”

The Ardbeg Day release of Ardbeg Grooves goes on sale on 2nd June and is available from Ardbeg Embassies, whisky specialist retailers and the Distillery, RRP £98.

For more information about Peat & Love, go to

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