Bimber Distillery wins at Bartender Awards 2018

Bimber Distillery range

Bimber Distillery has been awarded several medals at this years Bartender’s Brand Awards. With 2018 being its inaugural year, the Bartenders’ Brand Awards is a unique blind tasting, design and value-tested competition for spirits, wines, beers and drinks products available within the UK bar industry. 

The awards are purely on-trade focused and aim to provide independent and honest reviews for drinks brands targeting the UK bar trade.  The results are a relevant and practical source of reference for bartenders, bar managers, bar owners and professionals when making purchasing decisions for their establishments.

Bimber Distillery entered three spirits into the awards and is pleased to announce that Bimber’s English Barley Vodka, Oak Aged Vodka and Blackcurrant Infused vodka are all in the top 5. 

We are incredibly proud to receive medals at Bartenders Brand Awards 2018 and awards means a lot to us! We are inspired by tradition and combine this with innovation, high quality natural ingredients and craftsmanship. We believe in our spirit, with its exclu­sive flavour and unique character speaks for itself.

 Ewelina (Bimber Distillery Co-founder)

“We know how to craft spirits. You know how to appreciate them”

Inspired by tradition and based on the Founders’ heritage, Bimber Distillery takes its name from the Polish word for Moonshine. Founded in 2015, with a passion to create an offering that provides the consumer with a pure, bespoke spirit that’s handcrafted in London. Bimber Distillery prides themselves on using only 100% natural ingredients, sourced from within the UK and, like Moonshine all Bimber spirits are ‘homemade’ using traditional distilling methods to create unique flavours. Unlike most distilleries, Bimber not only distil its spirits onsite, it also bottles and labels all products at their West London site in Park Royal.

Bimber Distillery has awarded the following:

Bimber’s English Barley Vodka


Distilled from the finest English Barley, the result is a wonderfully smooth and buttery vodka that is nuanced with nutty, fruity notes and an extraordinarily soft month feel. A delicious expression that proves vodka can deliver flavour and character when distilled with care and attention.

We take our new make spirit, and distil it for a third and final time through our copper column. This distillation refines the spirit to 96%abv, transforming our London Single Malt into vodka.

Our vodka retains the perfect amount of soft barley character, with hints of lemongrass and citrus fruit.
There is no need to filter, add glycerin, fructose, or any aromatisers

Tasting Note

  • NOSE Subtle tons of barley sugar with soft, nutty cereal notes
  • PALATE Soft and round with delicate lemongrass notes and a hint of sweetness
  • FINISH Perfectly balanced, with slightly honeyed barley and perfectly integrated alcohol

Taste – Gold

Value – Gold

Design  – Silver

Bimber Blackcurrant Infused Vodka

Bimber Distillery Blackcurrant VodkaTaking inspiration from Polish “Nalewka” we have brought infused vodka into the 21st century, using a  finest wheat vodka and infusing it with a variety of fresh fruit and carefully selected spices for up to eight weeks.

Bimber’s Blackcurrant infused vodka are made with a four-times distilled wheat spirit, which is rested with the Blackcurrants, Cinnamon and Cloves  for up to eight weeks, before filtered and bottled  at the distillery. No artificial flavours or additives just pure, homemade taste delivered in small batches

Bottled at 42%abv.

Tasting Note

  • NOSE Deep, earthy and rich.  Intense aromas of blackcurrant with a touch of chocolate
  • PALATE Ripe, fleshy pure-fruit character is supported by bold tannic structure and lip-smacking acidity.  The alcohol is perfectly integrated, helping to carry the bold flavours of the fruit.
  • FINISH Long, with ripe acidity carrying the flavours through and revealing hints of citrus

Taste – Silver

Value – Bronze

Design – Silver

Bimber Oak Aged Vodka

Bimber Distillery Oak Aged VodkaChallenging everything you thought you knew about vodka, Our Oak Aged Vodka combines the toasted influence of Ex- Bourbon casks with the spices more commonly used to enhance rum. This infuses the delicate character of our spirit with rich, fruity aromas and warming spice.

Bimber Oak Aged Vodka is a four-times distilled 100% wheat spirit which is aged in Ex- Bourbon casks and infused with a secret mix of spices for a delicate, smooth taste.

Bottled at 42%abv.

Tasting Note

  • NOSE Fruity aromas of ripe banana and roasted pineapple and smoky vanilla.
  • PALATE Warming cinnamon spice and sweet vanilla with toasted oak character
  • FINISH Rounded by dry clove spice, the finish is clean with a touch of cereal character.

Design  – Silver

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