New Releases

New Whisky Releases: Week 7 2018

New Whisky Releases: Week 7 2018


Ballantine’s Hard Fired (70cl) £29.64

A blend has made it to the list (finally) – if nothing more for the fact that this blend is finished in the casks it has been matured in! Wait.. WHAT! Yup it is removed whilst the casks are heavily charred and toasted, then re-interred for further maturation – the wonders of modern liquid handling…

Bunnahabhain 1989 27 Year Old Signatory

Bunnahabhain 1989 27 Year Old Signatory £165.00

Old Bunna, CS at a great price.


Caol Ila 5 Year Old 2012 – Strictly Limited (Càrn Mòr) £38.63

Young Caol Ila – likely excellent


Caol Ila 34 Year Old 1983 (cask 1506) – Celebration of the Cask (Càrn Mòr) £374.03

Old Caol Ila, definitely excellent 😀


Knockando 15 Year Old 1999 £42.51

Yay the Knockando 15 at least keeps its vintage statement of 1999 (for now). We were very sad to see the 12 year old lost it 😦


Longrow Red 11 Year Old – Cabernet Franc Cask Finish £54.54

Sold out before you finish reading this but if you got one- well done!

Oban 2003 Distillers Edition

Oban 2003  Distillers Edition £76.95

Meh, Oban doesn’t excite me to be honest but these DE’s still deliver something a little different from the norm and the quality is good.


Port Dundas 27 Year Old (cask 14451) The Sovereign (Hunter Laing) £103.07

And a Grain – our favourite perhaps – did anyone mention closed distilleries, well this one is – so a whisky at this price is a canny investment.


Barry @TheWhiskyphiles

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