New Releases

New Whisky Releases: Week 3, 2018

New Whisky Releases: Week 3, 2018


Allt-á-Bhainne 18 Year Old 1995 (cask 10198) – Old Malt Cask (Hunter Laing) £73.69

Taking a look at some of the lesser known distilleries – also known as blend fodder – however, their less-famed status does mean you can buy well-aged single cask whisky from them rather cheaply! Like this Allt-á-Bhainne example from Hunter Laings Old Malt Cask range.


Caol Ila 8 Year Old 2009 – Hepburn’s Choice (Langside) £64.50

Young Caol Ila’s are the bee’s knees as the peaty element of the spirit is still making up about 110% of the flavour! This has been matured in a wine cask to add some red fruity elements too – sounds delicious!


Glen Spey 25 Year Old 1991 (cask 800861) – Cask Collection (A.D. Rattray) £117.72

Again more overlooked distilleries (as least last time I checked there was no Glen Spey fanclub or Facebook group… hmmm..) anyway here’s a 25 year old for a shade over £100 from A.D. Rattray


Probably Speyside’s Finest Distillery 30 Year Old 1986 (cask 12232) – Xtra Old Particular (Douglas Laing) £326.69

With the recent (22/12/17) announcement from Glenfarclas that any future Family Casks will date from 1977 onwards I suspect the older ones amongst us still wanting birth year bottles and general rarity will drive up prices of previous expressions. What any of this has to do with Douglas Laing’s ‘Probably Speysides’s Finest Distillery’ bottling from 1986 is anybody’s guess, but then again Indie bottles generally aren’t allowed to use the name Glenfarclas are they…?


Willowbank 17 Year Old (That Boutique-y Whisky Company) £143.95

Well blow me down, a female Prime Minister and a Boutique-y bottling of their whisky must be reason for all of New Zealand to celebrate, and the rest of us too! This has suddenly gone to the top of my ‘Whisky I am Most interested in’ list!!


Wolfburn Kylver Series – Release 3 £139.95

More from Wolfburn, young, not cheap, but will disappear off shelves faster than anything! If you want to keep up with their production, you better snap this one up!

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