New Releases

New Whisky Releases: Week 1, 2018

NR 1-7-18

Welcome to the new look New Release feature for 2018. Due to time constraints this feature will no longer attempt to list all new whiskies brought to market in the previous week. Starting this year we aim to focus on those whiskies we find particularly interesting and exciting to us here at, and as such aim to keep this weekly feature to a maximum of around 10 different whisky expressions. In doing so we hope that these will also be the whiskies our readers also find interesting and exciting and we encourage you to contact or comment to us if you feel anything in particular is missing or that you would like to see appear here more. Happy New Year!


Cragganmore 2005 (bottled 2017) Port Wood Finish – Distillers Edition £57.95

THE Distiller’s edition everyone must try in our opinion is this Port finished expression from the delightful Cragganmore distillery. Worthy of a place in any collection/whisky shelf and a definite drinker.


Deanston 9 Year Old 2008 – Bordeaux Red Wine Cask Matured £54.95

Starting a little wine-matured/finished theme already we have a2008 vintage Deanston official bottling that was matured in Bordeaux casks. Perhaps not to everyone’s taste, red wine cask maturation/finishes do seem a little like Marmite to whisky drinkers, you either love them of hate them. I suspect this on worthy of trying.


Isle of Jura 18 Year Old £66.87

More red wine casks here but this time a Travel Retail edition from Jura brought to the domestic market, again another one that from the bottle appeals very much.


Knockando 2007 (bottled 2017) (cask 17035) – Malts of Scotland £91.95

A independent Knockando is rare enough, add in the Marsala wine cask finish to this – giving it such a beautiful colouring – and the quality of previously sampled MoS offerings I suspect this will be great, shame about the price point on what is only a 10 year old but add in the fact it is imported back from German Bottlers and rarity of these bottlings it is justifiable.



The GreatDrams of Scotland (Greg Dillon) £19.99

What more can we say about Greg’s inaugural book release other than it is a worthy addition to any whisky bookshelf – even better – buy a bottle of the accompanying Ardmore whilst stocks last from – read our whisky review here.


Macallan 12 Year Old Sherry Oak Gift Pack with 2x Glasses £72.95

Classic Macallan 12 Sherry Oak plus glasses in a fancy box making it the perfect present for any whisky lover. It is hard to refute this as the seminal Macallan expression which everyone must try!


Port Dundas 12 Year Old 2004 (cask 11758) – Old Particular (Douglas Laing) £36.48

A grain, partly to balance up the books – I’d have liked to include a blend but nothing stood out or caught our attention this week. Why Port Dundas? Why not least because it is closed and time is limited to try unadultered young Port Dundas as soon it will all be older and no more is produced – simple.


Pulteney 11 Year Old 2006 – Small Batch (WM Cadenhead) £49.87

Another Indie rarity, sure it is a small batch bottling indicative that alone the component casks were maybe unbalanced or lacking in something. This is remedied by marrying them together and these bottlings usually stem from only 2 or 3 casks per batch so still quite limited. A Pulteney from Cadenhead’s however is sure to carry some quality and I do love Pulteney spirit.

That’s all for this week folks. I hope you have enjoyed our selection, or to get the chance at least to enjoy one of our above selection in the near future.


Barry @TheWhiskyphiles

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