A Selection of Festive Serves from Talisker Whisky

In time for the festive season, Talisker Whisky, the single malt Scotch Whisky from the shores of the Isle of Skye, has created three festive serves to celebrate the season at home. Designed by the winner of Talisker’s inaugural Race To Skye competition, Andrew Lennie of The Printing Press Bar & Kitchen in Edinburgh, each of the serves feature a Talisker expression from the signature collection.

The festive cocktail recipes that can be replicated easily at home include the Talisker Chai Spiced Espresso, the Spiced Apple Highball and Tali Toddy; each embracing the unique characteristics of Talisker whisky in different ways.

For the coffee lovers, the Chai Spiced Espresso is the perfect digestif after an evening meal, and the Spiced Apple Highball has plenty of flavour and festive zest. With hot cocktails making an appearance on cocktail menus throughout the country, the Tali Toddy, is the best accompaniment to warm up a festive get-together.

Since winning the Race To Skye competition, Andrew Lennie has been working alongside the team of Talisker brand ambassador’s, attending events and creating a variety of cocktail recipes, inspired by Talisker’s rugged spirit.

Talisker Festive Cocktails - Chai Spiced Espresso

Talisker Chai Spiced Espresso

Talisker Festive Cocktails - Spiced Apple Highball

Talisker Spiced Apple Highball

Talisker Festive Cocktail - Hot Tali Tody

Hot Tali Toddy


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