Lark Release Classic Cask Single Malt Whisky

It’s been a long wait…

…but just in time for Christmas Lark are releasing a very small number of 100ml and 500ml Classic Cask Single Malt Whisky, online right now!

An elegantly well-balanced and complex spirit that combines sweet and savoury elements, our latest Lark Classic Cask 43% is a whisky we are extremely proud of, and can be enjoyed by new and seasoned whisky-drinkers alike.


Patience is a virtue

As many of you would know, small cask ageing takes around five years until the whisky is mature and ready to enjoy. In some cases, longer: it’s up to the spirit and the wood to work their magic. Over the past five years the Tasmanian whisky industry has boomed, and we are seeing an exciting influx of not just new distilleries, but so many more customers wanting to enjoy our precious liquid gold. We always want to ensure we are releasing the best we possibly can, so we’ve made the decision to allow our spirit to spend a little extra time in the barrel, to guarantee it reaches its peak maturation and achieves the exceptional quality and style so many know and love.

You won’t be waiting forever: put May 2018 in your diaries, and start counting down the days to those whisky-filled golden years sitting just over the horizon.

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