Cognac Expert announces the launch of Sélection Nº 1 Limited Edition X.O. Cognac selected by Sophie & Max

Leading Cognac platform,, announces the release of Sélection Nº
1, an X.O. Cognac specially bottled by André Petit & Fils for Sophie & Max. This Extra
quality Cognac is the first in a unique series showcasing small artisanal Cognac
producers. The edition run is 150 bottles, making this a highly exclusive bottle.


Cognac Expert is proud to announce the launch of the first in a new series of limited edition
Cognacs: Sélection Nº 1 by Sophie & Max. The blend is a highly sophisticated, mature Cognac
of Extra quality, meaning that it has been aged far longer than a regular X.O. designated
Cognac. Only 150 bottles have been produced, and the only place to purchase one is in Cognac
Expert’s online store.


The Cognac has been produced in collaboration with Sophie & Max’s neighbor, Jacques Petit.
André Petit & Fils, the name of his Cognac house, is an small 18-hectare operation and family-
run to this day. The vision from the very beginning of Cognac Expert was to support small
Cognac producers like Jacques and offer them an international platform for their Cognac
brands. The sales of this edition directly benefit the producer.

Sélection Nº 1 will retail at US$130. This artisan-created Cognac contains a blend of eaux-de-
vie that have been aged for up to 25 years. The blend originates from three different growth
areas, premier Petite Champagne, Fins Bois, and Bons Bois, lending this X.O. an extraordinary
balance and smoothness. It boasts aromas of oak, vanilla, and dried fruit.

André Petit & Fils is one of few remaining Cognac houses left who still hand-harvest part of their
vineyards. Every step of Cognac creation from this craft producer abides strictly to traditional
methods. All aspects of the process are carried out in-house, from the tending of the vines
through to the final step of bottling and labeling.

Brother and sister team, Max and Sophie, who founded Cognac Expert, actively promote small,
family-run Cognac houses. Sélection Nº 1 is the first to be launched in what will be a series of
limited edition Cognacs designed to bring such artisan producers to the attention of a wider
global audience. The idea is that the sales directly benefit the producers and allow them to
maintain their Cognac brands.

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