New Releases

Whisky New Releases 2017 Week 13

Whisky New Releases 2017 Week 13

Welcome to The Whiskyphiles New Releases, our weekly report on the best of both the official and independently bottled whisky recently released.

Our top picks this week are:

  1. Glenallachie Distillery Edition it’s not often an OB is released from a Distillery that hasn’t been available before (or for a long time as in the recent case of Tamnavulin). I’m always excited to discover what the Distilleries think of how their whisky should be presented.
  2. Bowmore 1991 (bottled 2016) cask 253010 Rare Select Indie bottled Bowmore from Montgomeries, pricey but sounds delicious!
  3. Salty Sea Dog a budget Islay from The Whisky Lounge – bound to be good stuff.






Bowmore Black 50 Year Old 1964 The Last Cask (70cl, 41%) £Auction


Drinks By The Dram


World Whiskies Awards 2017 American Whiskey Winners Tasting Set (15cl, 56.5%) £42.95

World Whiskies Awards 2017 Overall Winners Tasting Set (15cl, 46.5%) £34.95

World Whiskies Awards 2017 Scotch Whisky Winners Tasting Set (15cl, 45.4%) £33.95

World Whiskies Awards 2017 Single Malt Whiskies Winners Tasting Set (15cl, 49.8%) £39.95




Glenallachie Distillery Edition (70cl, 40%) £29.95


Gordon & MacPhail


Aultmore 2005 (bottled 2016) Connoisseurs Choice (70cl, 46%) £34.91




The Macallan in Lalique Peerless Spirit 65 Year Old The Six Pillars Collection (70cl, 46.3%) £Auction


Mackillop’s Choice


Caol Ila 25 Year Old 1990 cask 1478 (70cl, 54.4%) £216.51




Bowmore 1991 (bottled 2016) cask 253010 Rare Select (70cl, 46%) £233.91


Bruichladdich 24 Year Old 1992 cask 728 Rare Select (70cl, 40.6%) £211.31


Caol Ila 23 Year Old 1993 cask 631 Rare Select (70cl, 46%) £213.54


Clynelish 21 Year Old 1993 cask 7559 Rare Select (70cl, 46%) £112.61


The Whisky Lounge


Salty Sea Dog (70cl, 43%) £43.84


Van Brunt Stillhouse


Van Brunt Stillhouse American (70cl, 40%) £57.95


Van Brunt Stillhouse Bourbon (70cl, 42%) £57.95


Van Brunt Stillhouse Rye Spirit (70cl, 42%) £57.95

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  1. Surprised Van Brunt made it over so soon.
    Tried their releases at the Stillhouse in NY a few weeks ago – well worth a visit.
    All the expressions are aged from 1 – 2 years and have that characteristic oily, sweet new make quality on the nose & initial taste.
    This fades into rather fine bourbon & rye for the respective bottles.
    The American I found rather flat.
    I’d prefer a bit more time in the barrel – but they are quite popular in the states & winning awards.
    See my photo here.
    Whiskey Nut


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