Whisky Review: Miyagikyo 10 Years Old

Category: Japanese single malt scotch whisky

Origin: Miyagikyo Distillery

Bottling: Nikka

ABV: 45%

Cost: £72.95 from Master of Malt [sold out]


What they say:

This is a single malt from the Miyagikyo distillery, Nikka’s second distillery built in 1969. The founder Masataka Taketsuru chose this site in the mountains of Sendai to contrast with his first distillery, Yoichi, located in the coastal area. Using less peaty malt and distilled in a pot still heated by indirect steam, Miyagikyo single malt has an elegant fruitiness and a distinctive aroma with a strong Sherry cask influence.

What I say:

The sadly discontinued (or no longer available outside of Japan at least) age-statements of Miyagikyo included this entry-level 10 Years Old. This has been replaced in the UK with their no age declaration (or NAS) Miyagikyo Single Malt Whisky expression. However older stock such as this 10yo may be found on dusty shelves or at auction sites. I decided to stockpile Yoichi instead when these were discontinued y Nikka, however a good friend opted for at least one bottle of this Miyagikyo.


Bright amber gold with rosy highlights (8/20) medium-sized tears and legs


Sweet, dusty/floury cereal barley malt, fruity cherry, apple, red grape, floral rose and apple blossom, almond, marzipan, perfumed with hints of solventy plastic and biro ink


Smooth and light bodied, slightly zesty red berries and cream, cherry, plum, allspice, woody sandalwood & oak, some malt and hints or at least suggestions of smoke at the end?


Medium length, light and floral/fragrant with a touch of malty barley and gentle spices


Delicate and fragrant, very approachable and easy drinking, quite an unusual and intriguing fragrant and floral dram

Score: 85/100

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