Père Magloire XO

Père Magloire XO Calvados (40%, OB, 2015)

  • Category: Calvados Pays D’Auge
  • Origin: Père Magloire
  • ABV: 40%
  • Cost: £54.85


What they say:

Calvados is one of the oldest varieties of French Brandy and can trace its origins back almost 400 years. Père Magloire Calvados is distilled from cider and protected by the Appellation Calvados Contrôlée. Its intense apple flavours have put it in a league of its own and brought worldwide renown.

The history of Père Magloire, personified by a generous and genial inn-keeper from Normandy, began in 1821, the year Napoleon died.

Père Magloire was one of the first French trademarks to be officially registered. The high standards of quality combined with its respect for tradition soon made the brand famous throughout Paris.

Since then, 8 generations of Cellar Masters in succession have created their Calvados from more than 100 varieties of apple.

Each year, some 100 vintages, produced from single or double distillation in copper stills, are blended in Père Magloire‘s ancestral cellars and then laid to age in barrels crafted from centennial oak trees.

In the more than 50 countries where it is enjoyed, Père Magloire Calvados is seen as a promise of a memorable moment to share. And that promise is always kept.

History of Calvados Pere Magloire
1821 Establishment of the company “Debrise-Dulac”, the owner of the“Père Magloire” brand
1900 Calvados Père Magloire becomes the most important Calvados brand in France
1968 Debrise-Dulac is taken over by Champagne Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, who contributes to the export development of Père Magloire
1998 Debrise-Dulac is purchased by an independent Norman family group, Pays d’Auge Finances.
2001 Debrise-Dulac starts to distribute several prestigious independent alcool brands; Armagnac from Samalens (France), Cognac from Camus (France), Gin from Broker’s (England) and Porto and Sherry from Croft (Portugal).
2005 Père Magloire maintains its position as the market leader brand of Calvados both in France and throughout the world. 70% of the sales turnover is at export. The Pays d’Auge Finances group commercialises 31% of the whole Calvados production.


Associate X.O. Calvados Père Magloire with dark chocolate or with a quality cigar

True connoisseurs will appreciate this prestigious Calvados as the ultimate after dinner indulgence

What I say:

Père Magloire Calvados is well-known worldwide mostly thanks to heavy marketing and export. Situated in Pont-l’Évêque in the Calvados Department. This XO (named after the adoptive system from Cognac) would typically consist of distilled spirit matured for 9-11 years (or 10 on average)


Dark golden brown (14/20), medium-sized tears leave medium legs


Sweet demerara sugar, oak wood and apple, raisin, dried fruit cake, stewed apples, spiced cinnamon and nutmeg, caramelised sugar, apple strudel; apple, raisins & pastry


Stewed fruit and soaked dried fruit, cinnamon, nutmeg ‘mulling’ spices, stewed apples (soft and not cider-like/sharp), rich sweet toffee, oak wood, tannins, raisins


Medium, sweet caramel apple strudel


Beautifully balanced between apple & oak wood, wonderful!

Score: 86/100

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