Isle of Mull

The Terror Of Tobermory ~ 4.6% (Isle of Mull Brewing Company)

Review: The Terror of Tobermory

Category: Scottish Ale

Origin: Isle of Mull Brewing Company

ABV: 4.6%


What they say:

The Isle of Mull Brewing Company began in May of 2005 using a 5 barrel plant installed by George Thompson of Brewing Solutions UK. This original brewing plant was purchased by Oban Bay Brewery in 2009 and moved to the Oban site.

Having a long standing relationship with Oban Bay Brewery, the two companies merged in late 2010 to form Argyll Breweries Limited. Oban Bay currently produces beers for both brewery labels. The new company still hopes to install a small brewing plant in Tobermory at some point in the future in order to support production of the Isle of Mull beers.

Tasting Notes:

A Scottish Special (4.6%) that gets its darkness from three coloured malts. These are combined with wheat to produce a rounded, malty beer. There are some fruity notes and an interesting spicy bitterness and hoppy finish.


In 1940 a special training school was set-up in Tobermory with the purpose of teaching Anti-submarine warfare to newly formed crews of frigates, corvettes, sloops and patrol service trawlers. Vice-Admiral Sir Gilbert Stephenson KBE, CB, CMG commanded this 2-3 week intensive course.

Stephenson was in his mid-sixties and his methods, being brutal and controversial, were much talked about by those serving under him. Stories and anecdotes of this extremely efficient, strict and energetic man lead to TV personality Richard Baker, who served under him, producing a book about him in 1972 titles “The Terror Of Tobermory” (W. H. Allen).

What I Say:

From Aldi’s Scottish winter beer festival 2016


Malt and caramelised sugars, a hint of red berry fruits


Malty, well-caramelised sugar, red fruits, light-mid bodied, apple & blackcurrant


Short, residual malt and sugary caramel

Score: 80/100


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