Review: Buzzard Dark Ale

Cotleigh Brewery, Somerset, UK

Old Ale

4.8% ABV

Score: 75/100


What they say:

Buzzard Dark Ale ABV 4.8%

Buzzard is a traditional dark ale brewed with pale, crystal and chocolate roasted malts and Herefordshire hops. Deep copper red in colour with the roasted chocolate malt giving a dry nutty flavour with hints of amaretto biscuit. The finish in the mouth is a dry smoky smooth finish. A two-time finalist in the Champion Beer of Britain Competition and twice voted Good Beer Guide “Beer of the Year”.


What I say:

Chocolate malt some cereal and sweet honey, a little yeasty and very fizzy perhaps a little over-carbonated or over-active yeast? Despite this I really enjoyed this brew, a lot of chocolate and nutty flavour and some depth of the chocolate malt were evident, a light honey and slightly fruity nature from the hops but not too intrusive. Overall just a little too yeasty otherwise it would have received a much higher score.