SLYRS 3 Years Old 2011

SLYRS 3 Years Old 2011-2014 ~ 43% (SLYRS Distillery)

  • Bavarian single malt whisky
  • 43% ABV
  • Score: 85/100


What they say:


2011 vintage “finally” from September 1th, 2014 available!

Since 1999, we distill our single malt whisky as a vintage whisky.
SLYRS Whisky is carefully stored in new 225 litre barrels made from American white oak.
The traditional production process and the nature in Bavaria provide our whisky with a unique taste.
With continuous passion and love for distilling, we give each vintage its incomparable character.

Drinking Recommendation for SLYRS Whisky:

For a long and consistently high quality we recommend to follow these guidelines:

Please store your bottle of SLYRS Whisky in an upright position. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

We recommend a serving temperature of 16 to 18 degrees Celsius.

Recommended Glass: Tasting Glass

You should also refrain from adding ice cubes as they may dilute the taste of the whisky uncontrollably.

Unopened, the whisky can be kept for almost unlimited time.
Once opened, we recommend to consume the whisky within the next six months in order to maintain its superior quality.

A special tasting advice: you should try our SLYRS whisky with a piece of 70 percent dark chocolate – a very special treat for the palate


What I say:

Thanks to Richard (WOLS President) & Carrie for sharing this with us during a tasting evening. Received as a gift to Richard from a friend in Germany we were keen to try out this Bavarian single malt.


Full refractive gold


Herbal, latex/rubber, Birch wood, beech-smoked ham, perfumed and floral


Banana cream, herbal, toffee and woody oak


Short/medium, fizzy/tannic oak wood


Surprisingly good considering it is only 3 years old. This is not massively multi-faceted but is well-constructed with some pleasing flavours and plenty of wood influence.

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