SMWS 121.74 A box of Chocolates

Arran 14 Years Old 1999 121.74 A box of Chocolates (55.7%, SMWS, Refill Bourbon HH, 315 Bottles, 2014)

Island single malt scotch whisky

55.7% ABV, £48.10

Score: 85/100

 smws 121-74

What they say:

Cask No. 121.74  

Sweet caramel on the nose – Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers to be exact – then Newberry Fruits (sugar-covered fruit jellies with runny centres), then a host of other fruity scents – mango, light orange, raspberry, apricot. The first taste matches some of this – ‘mango cream fondant chocolate’; ‘Thornton’s Summer Fruit Chocolates’ – but there is also a tropical spiciness like mango chutney with a dash of chilli. With water the nose folds into emulsion paint for a moment before resuming the fruity/chocolate theme – Maltesers, Bakewell tart, croissant with strawberry jam, white chocolate. The taste? Sweet and fruity (Gallia melon), with light spice and peppermint Aero in the finish

Drinking tip: After school

Date Distilled: 2 December 1999 Colour: Sahara gold Age: 14 years Flavour : Juicy, oak & vanilla Cask Type: Refill ex-bourbon hogshead Whisky Region: Highland Island

Outturn: 315 bottles

What I say:

Sampled 12th December 2014 during a visit to SMWS Queen Street venue.

Distilled at the Isle of Arran distillery (SMWS distillery #121)


Amber gold


Coffee liqueur chocolates, sweet, toffee, butterscotch fudge, caramel, fruity, orange, peach and red berries


Sweet and fruity, toffee oak, caramel, coconut fudge, vanilla, fruity apple, pear, orange and melon, milk chocolate and coffee hints (mocha)


Medium length, sweet toffee oak


“Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates” – Forrest Gump

This whisky however does exactly what it says on the tin, plenty of chocolate flavour with hints of strawberry creams, toffee, fudge, honeycomb and coffee liqueurs. An indication that Arran distillery really has come of age now and that plenty of mid-teen aged whiskies are available with plenty of character. Being a chocaholic this one was very well received, if not a little too sweet overall.

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