Tobermory 20 Years Old 1994 Single Cask 188063

Tobermory 20 Years Old 1994 (51.1%, WhiskyBroker, HH #188063, 285 Bottles, 2014)

  • Single malt scotch whisky
  • 51.1% ABV, £40.50
  • Score: 85/100


What they say:

This whisky, distilled on 14th April 1994 at Tobermory Distillery on the Island of Mull off the west coast of Scotland, has been matured in an oak hogshead for over 20 years. The whisky has not been chill filtered, nor has any colouring been added. The cask has been specially selected and bottled by Whiskybroker Limited and as each cask affects the whisky in a different manner, it may not represent that whisky released by Burn Stewart Distillers as an official distillery release.

This whisky has been lightly filtered to remove large particles of wood sediment from the cask, but may still contain small traces, which are visible only when bottle is left standing for a period of time.

Each bottle is individually numbered.

Cask Details:
Hogshead number 188063
Distilled 14th June 1994
Bottled 18th November 2014
The cask yielded 285 bottles at 51.1% vol.


What I say:

Thanks to Jon at Scotch and Sci-Fi for organising shares from this bottle.

– see his review here: Whisky Review – Tobermory 20 year old (Whisky Broker)


Full amber gold, numerous medium tears


Vanilla, icing sugar, chocolate, musty dunnage warehouse, oak, spicy, vinegar, floral, sweet, fruity, perfumed, pollen and fresh spring flower meadows, bluebells


Smooth, honeyed, cereal barley, toffee oak wood, butterscotch, chocolate limes, fruity apple, pear, peach fruit jellys or mousse, candy/sweeties


Medium/long, citrus fruit and deep oak wood


Shows its age well with a real infusion of heavy and at times musty old oak wood, a little fruitiness going on and that characteristic chocolate-y nature appears. On the nose we found this very confusing with lots of spring flowers coming through in the end? Regardless this is an excellent aged whisky and a steal at the price – indicative of what great value Whiskybroker bottlings can be.

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