Bunnahabhain 6 Years Old 2007 – 10.77 Beware of the monster

Single malt scotch whisky

61.4% ABV, £49 for 70cl

Score: 86/100


What they say:

A fruity and meaty nose initially with wine gums and honey glazed ham. Earthy notes are found alongside aniseed, fried mackerel skins, fabric elastoplast and germolene. Smoke is present but be prepared as something much bigger than anticipated is lurking… As you take your first sip the full wrath of this peat monster is unleashed, singeing the tongue with hot charcoal and lavender ash. This adolescent beast can be tamed by adding water, bringing out heather, gorse and a light soapiness but the meaty notes – now mussels and spare ribs are long-lasting. Salty and ashy with soy sauce on the palate from this usually mild Islay malt.

Drinking tip: Dare to be different, the monster won’t bite

Date Distilled: 3 October 2007 Colour: White gold Age: 6 years Flavour : Heavily peated Cask Type: Refill ex-bourbon hogshead Whisky Region: Islay

196 bottles


What I say:

SMWS 10.77 Beware of the monster sample received as part of a bottle share organised by Ben from Ben’s Whisky Blog


Golden hints, champagne gold, light tears long trails


Cereal barley, fresh mown hay/grass, vanilla, fudge, caramel, (Cadbury’s Fudge), sweet honey glazed ham and toffee, citric and sweet lemon juice (squeezed over hot roasted meats)


Sweet vanilla fudge initially but with chilli flakes in it! Hot and spicy, warming and thick mouthfeel, lemon citric, honey and syrup once the flames subside and a little earthy peatiness


Long, prickly hot peat, sweet toffee


Enjoyable and flavour-filled for a 6 year old. This Bunnahabhain (SMWS distillery #10) expression has more than a little peat influence in it – which may be more apparent due to its youth perhaps? A lot spicier than the smoothness inherent in the distilleries own expressions (admittedly I haven’t tried their Toiteach or other more-peated expressions.). I enjoyed this one a lot!

Don’t take my word for it:

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