Alechemy – Panacea – Whisky Cask Aged ~ 7.5% (Alechemy)

Panacea – Whisky Cask Aged ~ 7.5% (Alechemy)

7.5% ABV, £3.50 for 330ml

Score: 98/100


What they say:

*Limited Edition*
Panacea Whisky Cask Aged Stout 7.5%
Colour: Black
Bitterness: 35 IBU

A rich stout made with a Belgian yeast strain and aged in a Speyside whisky cask for four months.


What I say:

Produced from our local brewery at Alechemy Brewing, this is something I had been really looking forward to trying. A dark stout at 35 IBU (International Bittering Units), this has spent 4 months in a Speyside whisky cask. Part of their Freestyle Friday Series of beers.


Like a black dog on a moonless night


Rich deep malty marmite, caramel and butterscotch, treacle toffees, chocolate and a hint of nuttiness


Thick, very thick, malty, rich dark chocolate (70+% cocoa solids) but creamy not bitter, toffee and oak feature strongly in almost whisky-like finish.

Would I buy it again:

Yes – I hope I get the chance to get more of these, I couldn’t drink a lot of it as each mouthful is like a spoonful of rich molten chocolate – so like all good stout it is both a meal and a drink in the same glass. This one requires time to be spent supping it. The balance of heavy malted stout and almost creamy whisky influence is just sublime.

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