Ardbeg Galileo

Ardbeg Galileo

49% ABV, ~£150-£200 for 70cl

Score: 79/100

Ardbeg Galileo Pointy

What they say:

Distilled in 1999 and matured for 12 years, some of the spirit was wholly matured in ex-marsala wine casks, the remainder in Bourbon casks.

What I say:

Galileo was launched to celebrate Ardbeg’s collaboration with Texas-based company NanoRacks as part of a project to study the extraction of terpenes (a group of organic compounds resulting from the degradation of Oak norisoprenoids which contribute to either fruity-violet or tobacco like aromas in the final whisky) from wood by a 50/50 water/ethanol mixture in microgravity. See experiment details on NanoRacks website here.

Sadly, no space whisky was used in the production of Galileo. At 2 years long and using only 6ml of 50% ABV to dip each of their wood MixStix into I suspect no space whisky was actually made at all in this process, but why let the truth get in the way of a good story..? So here’s what we thought of 100% distilled by Martians in Space:1999 and matured on Jupiter super-space whisky Ardbeg Galileo, sadly sampled on Earth and not it’s intended export market near Alpha Centauri.


Full gold


Malty, Elastoplast sticking plasters, briny seaweed, vanilla, coconut, sweet freshly grated nutmeg, iron filings


Almost fruity spice, cinnamon, pepper, peaty malt, chewy and complex, oily and mouth filling, hot and spicy chipotle, acidic, medicinal, fusty oak wood, germolene and vanilla custard


Long, malty, spice and peat

Would I buy it:

Sadly I don’t have enough Space moola (or Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination QUID’s) to buy a bottle of this stuff, though I did get to sample it from a bottle clearly intended for some giant intergalactic species. I actually found this rather young and feisty and a little too acidic for my liking, so glad I kept my Quatloos in the bank after all.

Ardbeg Galileo Sampling

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