Oak Wood Series Bourbon Barrel (Eden Brewery)

6.8% ABV, £2.50 for 330ml

Score: 90/100


What they say:

1 of only1537 bottles, 60 day matured in American bourbon barrel; Toffee, chocolate and honeycomb

Rich, smooth, malty and sweet. With a full body.

A rich, smooth and malty aroma with hints of chocolate malt and a layer of sweet vanilla. The palate is extremely full-bodied and creamy; with caramel, toffee and chocolate bitterness interacting to provide a well balanced and smooth flavour. This then fades to sweet vanilla notes with an underlying suggestion of toasted oak character.

Comes in single 330ML bottles or cases of 24 bottles.

What I say:

Previously reviewed an earlier batch (57 day matured at 6.7% ABV at our WoLS Beer and Whisky tasting here). Interested to see how this batch compared.


Dark Mahogany Brown


Toffee, oak wood and chocolate


Toffee, sweet milk chocolate, malted milk (Bournvita), honeycomb

Would I buy it again:

Absolutely, batch to batch variation introduces subtle differences in flavour profile (to be expected from use of different bourbon barrels each batch presumably) but quality still excellent – an easy drinking session beer (despite the ABV).