Innis & Gunn Lager Beer

4.6% ABV, £1.40 for 330ml

Score: 90/100

What they say:

Our lager takes its inspiration from the German beer style, Helles (meaning ‘light coloured’). Like the first Helles beer brewed in Munich back in 1894, ours has a pronounced, malty flavour balanced by a light aromatic hoppiness, which makes it very refreshing indeed. Unusually, as well as our unique Scottish malts, we have added some naked golden oats to the brew, which impart a satisfying smoothness to the finish.

Innis & Gunn Lager Beer

What I say:

Following on from our recent reviews of more ‘whisky-associated’ I&G beers we decided to keep going with their Lager too.


Light champagne gold


Hoppy and yeasty malt


Smooth and light with yeasty hops, barley and oat biscuit flavours

Would I buy it again:

Yes, though I normally prefer beer over lager this is very enjoyable and refreshing. Definitely makes a more summery drink and is up to the usual high quality and standards we have come to expect from Innis & Gunn.